April 3, 2008

The digital shoe box

Many of us have a shoe box somewhere full of old photos, yellowing newspaper clippings, and postcards. Maybe letters from back when people used to write letters. Maybe a concert ticket stub or a diary.

These items serve as a bookmark in the passing of our lives. They mark a time and a place that we can revisit later. They help us remember how things were at the time, how everyone looked back then, what we thinking and how big our hair was.

You have to wonder how nostalgia will be affected by the digital age. Our "shoe box" is now vast, but that can mean disorganized. Our old e-mails might be saved as text files on a hard drive or archived in a folder. Our vast quantities of digital photos no longer yellow with age, but they are on Flickr and Webshots and on our hard drives or our cell phones. Great conversations in email or instant messenger, that may have been saved years ago had they been in written letters, are often lost forever.

It's worth thinking about... What you should save these days to mark the time? And how and where should you save it?

Here's a blog post with some tips to get started organizing your digital memories.

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