April 4, 2007

Hi. Welcome back.

I pulled my car into a nearby Jiffy Lube the other day. I parked and walked into the office. As I entered, the gentlemen working there greeted me with a "Mr. Evans?" Having never been there before, I was more than a little surprised. But they had typed my license plate into their system and recognized me as a previous customer at a different Jiffy Lube location. They had my car's maintenance history on the screen and were better prepared to do business with me.

The best bartenders and baristas recognize their repeat customers and have their "usuals" waiting for them before they are fully in the door.

Amazon remembers your browsing and order history and makes product recommendations based on it.

Many sites that require a login offer a "Remember Me" feature to facilitate future visits.

How does your site recognize, reward and retain your best customers?

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